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Worship the Sun!

There are those out there who still cling to their failed religions.  This page exists tell you of your mistakes, and warn you of the terrible fate which awaits you if you do not heed this warning.  There is no God but one God: the almighty Sun!  I worship the Sun. Like it's some sort of sick God!

The Sun is your God!  It casts fiery rays down upon us, burning us with its anger which cannot be contained by any device of man!  No one dares look upon it with naked eyes and retain their sight: the Sun punishes all foolish mortals for this insolence by blinding them completely!  No one dares flaunt the Sun's powers by exposing their flesh to the Sun.  In mere hours the Sun burns the bodies to punish them for their arrogance.  Exposure to the Sun inflicts the Flesh with a plague of cancers which no doctor can cure.  Millions die every year, victims of the Sun's anger at their lives lived in foolish error without regard for His power!

If you do not accept the Sun as your God he will punish you for your stupidity and arrogance.  The Sun's core burns with a holy fire of millions of degrees.  Your bodies will be cast into the fires of the Sun, to be burned there as long as the Sun shall burn!  The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were subjected to the briefest flash of the Sun's power and they were burnt to cinders.  Do not question the Sun's awesome power!

How can you pray to a God you cannot see, when your true God is there in the sky above you?  Truly, how can you be so stupid?  I do not worship a God I can only read about in ancient books best forgotten - my God is so mighty he needs no book to say what is already obvious to all who live on this earth.  The Sun is our God!  The almighty and all-powerful Sun!

Our Insignificance

image credit: NASA

Even our most learned of men do not question what I say.  Scientists, archaeologists, and historians disprove the Creation and the Flood, but none dare to even question the power of the Sun.  Every Scientist will only confirm its terrible power!  Its mass is greater than you or me or any man who has ever lived!  It paces around our planet like an angry King every day.  No place on Earth is safe from its heat and anger!  Our Earth is so far away that it only receives the smallest fraction of the Sun's awesome power - imagine what would become of the Earth and everyone you love if the Sun focused the fullness of its anger upon us!  You and everyone you know would all burn in His terrible fires forever, just as you will be cast into the core of the Sun if you fail to heed this warning!

This is why you must immediately discard your false foolish beliefs in rumors of false gods you cannot explain or even see.  There is only one God, mighty and angry and powerful, in the heavens above you. The Sun!

Whatever name you call Him, bow down before Him and renounce your false gods and you will be spared from an eternity of blinding holy light in His fiery bowels.

The Sun did not write a wholy book.  You don't have to know anything about Him other than he requires your worship.  As sure as the Sun rises you can see Him every day!

If I was a bird, I would fly straight into the Sun.

Common Sun worshiping practices includes pointing to the Sun and chanting praises to Its might and dominance.  Worshiping the Sun is increacing in all regions the lowly earth.  This is because the Sun reaches everywhere, like an angry tyrant It paces Its dominion day after day.

The Sun is a gigantic nuclear furnace.  It is hotter than the inside of the boiler in your high school.  It is constantly blasting hydrogen to helium at temperatures of millions of degrees.


Salvation is really pretty easy. Just accept the Sun into your life. Allow Him to brighten the brightness left by the scare-tactics of your pre-Sun religion.

If you ram a grasshopper into a stinky muck-musk hole, and leave it down in the putrid sarcofagus, when you let the sucker out, it flys straight into the sun!

All beings evolve to a higher conciousness, so accepting the Sun will be something that you will have to face in the near future. It will be heard, the deafening cry of the massed millions that shall say pointing to the Sun in one voice, "It is all so clear, the Sun is our God!"

These kind souls are spreading the word about the Sun at their local school, spreading the word of His might and wrath. They may be spared when the Sun is furious at the earth.

If the Sun wanted to take our life, it could do it in just under 10 minutes, sending a stream of ultraviolet death down upon our worthless planet earth. By worshiping the Sun, we show our submission, keeping Him from getting angry with our puny planet.

When the Sun is in a foul mood, the Sun drives us indoors, seeking shelter from its fiery wrath. What a mighty Sun!
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